‘SWADESH’ is a leading Gujarati Newspaper publishes from Toronto, Ontario on weekly (Friday) basis. It’s a leading Gujarati newspaper which procured high esteem and readership among readers of Canada. It represents Canada region as well as world in the fashion of news in Gujarati language. It’s root concept is to provide fairly judged news and information in Gujarati Language to Gujarati readers who live in Canada as well as abroad.


Swadesh’ has highly experienced and talented team from the world of journalism. We believe our strength is pen power in the fashion of best columnists, reporters and editors of the industry. Every news and content to be researched and analyzed fairly before making publicly. We genuinely believe to make contents readable to readers by deep research and hard field work.

SWADESH is edited and monitored by young, talented and highly experienced key person Manoj Gandhi. He is fully dedicated to print media since 1991. He took an initiative by launching ‘Swadesh’ with strong decision to spread Gujarat and its culture to the world. He wants to be attached Gujaratis with their soul and culture. From his same thought ‘Swadesh’ has born as a newspaper in year 2006. Mr.Gandhi crystal clear dedicated to Gujaratis and Gujarat’s culture forever.

Today there is feeling that in view of the extensive use of the television and cable services, the whole pattern of publication of news has changed, but the images and cultural literature of the SWADESH still remains intact. The person away from the home always feels the value and intimacy to find himself close to home Country, State and Town.


‘Swadesh’ has qualified and experienced reporter’s team. By their daily field work, they convert it into news fashion by their writing skill. Our reporters are widely extended in Surat City (One of the biggest city of Gujarat) & Gujarat to collect news at the domestic as well as national level. We have tied up with various news agencies to provide world wide news coverage to our readers. We have also a team in Canada to cover domestic news and events.


  • Special Reports
  • Interesting Columns
  • Editorial Opinions
  • Special Research and Analysis
  • Reviews of movies and plays
  • Special Entertainment Coverage
  • Gujarati astrology by Well known astrologers
  • Various Food Recipes
  • Special Human Interest Stories
  • Stories by well known authors & columnists
  • Specialist in local issue.
  • Crossword, Sudoku, Leisure


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3. As such, Swadesh makes you feel at home away from home by keeping you in close touch with our culture.


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If above specifications are not met, SWADESH News will not guarantee of reproduction.


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